If Facebook users 'shake phone to report a problem,' does that inadvertently put their friends in 'Facebook Jail'?

Friday, October 15, 2021
By Sarah Thompson

A feature on Facebook's mobile app uses a shake to open a reporting dialogue, but this is only for reporting problems with the functionality of the app, not for reporting problematic content.

Contrary to a post recycling on social media, a person cannot file a technical report accidentally just by shaking their phone. If someone's account has been restricted, it is not because a friend was shaking their phone.

Facebook users sometimes call account restrictions "Facebook Jail." Violations of Facebook's "community standards" may incur a warning or restrictions on a person's account for increasing periods of time.

If a report was made accidentally, it would not result in an account restriction unless the post in question violated community guidelines. Reports from other Facebook users do not automatically result in account restrictions without first being reviewed.

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