Did the Canadian government ban its employees from using the phrase ‘Let’s Go Brandon’?

Thursday, October 21, 2021
By Marlo Lee
This Fact Brief is responsive to conversations such as this one.

The document seen online claiming the phrase has been banned is not from the Canadian government agency mentioned in the document; it is a fake email that someone created.

A spokesperson from the agency, Shared Services Canada, told Lead Stories that this document was not issued by them and does not reflect their departmental policy.

The phrase "Let's Go Brandon" began to spread as an anti-President Biden slogan after a NASCAR journalist did a post-race interview with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. The crowd randomly started shouting "F*** Joe Biden," but the journalist stated the chant was "Let's Go Brandon."

In videos of the interview with the driver, viewers can hear the "F*** Joe Biden" chant start, and the journalist either mishears or wants to avoid repeating the chant. The interviewer says the phrase "Let's go, Brandon," as the chanting continues.

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