Are airlines holding meetings to discuss the risks of blood clots for COVID-19 vaccinated passengers?

Wednesday, June 9, 2021
By Kaiyah Clarke

There is no public evidence of such meetings, and various claims posted on social media offer no proof. Posts have gone so far as to say airlines are looking to ban vaccinated people because of the risk of blood clots. That's not true.

While federal health officials paused the release of the Janssen/J&J vaccine when six women out of the first 6.8 million who received it developed a rare clotting disorder, there was no correlation to air travel noted by the FDA when it reapproved the vaccine.

In fact, CDC guidance for domestic and international travel recommends delaying a trip until fully vaccinated, and the Federal Aviation Administration shares that guidance on its website.

Airlines for America, a lobbying group, says U.S. airlines "have routinely expressed our belief that widespread vaccination can serve as the foundation for re-opening critical international markets."

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