Is a new round of stimulus checks being issued in the US on July 30, 2021?

Friday, July 16, 2021
By Chandler Friedman

A social media post on July 15, 2021, claiming new stimulus checks were coming, is a prank to lure people in for a crude joke. There were, as of July 15, no bills pending in Congress to issue further stimulus checks.

The post, which falsely claimed checks for $2,500 would be coming on July 30, contained a link. Those who clicked the link were greeted with a middle-finger salute from a gorilla.

As of July 14, 2021, there were two proposals for additional stimulus funds, but no viable legislation pending.

-- On March 31, Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden sent to President Biden a proposal for additional payments, signed by 21 senators. It had not progressed past the drafting stage.

--2.6 million people had signed a Change.org petition urging Congress to fund new stimulus checks.

Lead Stories' review of the Congressional Record found no recent action for new stimulus checks.

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