Does removing the president from office after impeachment cut off customary benefits extended to former presidents?

Saturday, January 9, 2021
By Lisa Freedland

A U.S. president who is impeached, convicted and removed from office is no longer eligible to receive the annual monetary allowances normally offered to ex-presidents.

The House of Representatives’ vote to impeach is not sufficient. In the Senate trial that follows, removal from office requires the agreement of two-thirds of that body. None of the three Presidents impeached to date—Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump—was convicted.

A law governing compensation for former presidents sets an annual cash payment equivalent to that of a Cabinet secretary ($207,800 in 2017) and provides for office expenses and health benefits. However, a one-term president is not eligible for the health benefits, as the term falls short of the normal five years of service required of federal employees. A travel allowance is offered if the ex-president declines continued Secret Service protection.

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