Has artificial intelligence achieved sentience?

Friday, July 8, 2022
By Austin Tannenbaum

According to Bloomberg, "the expert consensus is that it’s impossible" for artificial intelligence to achieve sentience "with the current state of technology."

Artificial intelligence designed to mimic human speech are fed "billions of books, online articles and sentences," which inform how they respond to prompts. However, such AI do not comprehend the meaning behind their responses. Instead, they are programmed to receive an input and automatically generate an appropriate output based on their database of human-speech examples. This input-ouput process is indicative of a highly complex machine rather than a self-aware subject that understands what it is doing and why its response makes sense.

Yahoo News similarly reported that, "Most experts ... argue that current artificial intelligence models — though becoming more advanced every day — still lack the complex abilities that are typically considered signs of sentience like self-awareness, intuition and emotions."

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